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I’m so late to the haim party…they were one of those bands that I had always known about on the fringes of my awareness and also known a few of their songs without realising who those songs were by and have just now connected the two and taken a proper interest…yay haim

This is Kim’s new track. My main man getting it done :) 

The Wicked Winter European Adventure Begins.


Hey folks. I have just arrived in London and find myself sitting around sipping on one of the biggest coffee’s I’ver ever seen in Heathrow airport procrastinating whilst I wait for my european van to be ready. I had initially hoped to raise enough money whilst busking in Oz these last few weeks to buy one when I got here. sadly, although I made the money, there more pressing things to spend it on.. Always seems to happen in life… Still, plans fade away as reality arrives and I’m happy with what surrounds me at the moment. I have picked up a wonderful endorsement off Wicked Vans Europe and my new borrowed camper even has a heater! (something I think will be somewhat of a necessity considering I’m entering the first piercing slices of a winter I fear is far harsher than on my side of the pond) I’m then planning a little trip down to west Sussex to collect myself over 48 hours before heading on to the Netherlands. My first show is at De Hoogste Tijd in Eindhoven on the 2nd.

First Skype this evening with mah baby in Europe. I miss the shit out of him already but I’m very excited for him and the experiences and successes he’s going to have!

I’m so grateful for the time we just had together which was amazing, and for the fact that it’s not too long until he comes back again (my birthday, eee!)

And now, in his absence, to download the new Walking Dead and neglect all hair removal for 6 weeks. 

My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder.

Splendour lineup is alright…there’s some good stuff on there, lots of buzz bands but nothing jaw dropping. Maybe they’ll drop something massive in the second announcement but for now let’s all just hope for a Laura Marling side show!!

Kim’s tour diaries blog

I’ve been editing the posts for him because he can’t spell and the video diaries are pretty funny. Fuck he needs a hair cut. I still rate him as sexiest man alive though.

I miss him so bad and it’s only been two weeks :(


Gracious // Ben Howard

How would you know?
When everything around you’s changing like the weather,
A big black storm.
And who would you turn to?
Or hide a ghost, a shadow at most, would you let me know?
Cause I don’t want to
To trouble your mind with the childish design of how it all should go
But I love you so
But it all comes clear when the wind is settled I’ll be here you know

Cause you said ours was the lighthouse towers
The sand upon that place
Darling I’ll grow weary, happy still with just the memory of your face.

Gracious goes the ghost of you
And I will never forget the plans and the silhouettes you drew.
Gracious goes the ghost of you
My dear.

Artist: Ben Howard
Album: Every Kingdom - Deluxe Edition
Track: Gracious


Everything must start again anew 
Everything just goes that way my friend 
Every king knows it to be true 
That every kingdom must one day come to an end 

And the sun, she may be long gone 
Lost to these memories we found 
But she’ll be here when it’s all done 
When our bodies are lain beneath the ground 

Seems that everything that goes around 
Comes around here 
Seems that everything that stays 
Somehow gets me down again

- Everything, Ben Howard

Ughhhhh Ben Howard is basically my life at the moment.

Artist: Ben Howard
Album: Every Kingdom
Track: Everything