you can’t be a bisexual if you’ve never dated a girl. all bisexuals must submit proof of dating history before becoming fully licensed and must be registered to continue practicing bisexuality. please renew your licence every 5 years to avoid reclassification as hetero- or homosexual and to remain eligible for our annual picnic and raffle.

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Yesterday I smoked a joint on top of a Mayan temple and watched the sun set. Then this morning I got up at 3 30am, climbed to the top of an even taller Mayan temple (the tallest one in the world) and listened to the jungle wake up around me as I watched the sun rise over the canopy and the other temples. It was preeeetty special.

Es la hora felize!

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Mexican hangover

Next level. Blergh.


I am so fucking mad


Even escaping to Mexico can’t save me from the rage that having Abbott as our PM encites. In fact it might even be worse, travelling and having to explain to people that NO this enormous cunt does NOT represent me and it is an EMBARASSMENT to admit that yes he is running (read: ruining) our country. Fuck.

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In the final hours of Valentines day I am reminded of how truly alone it is possible for me to feel, So while you aren't my lover but merely my sister i just wanted to remind you of how much i really do love you, if no one else. We may not be tied by blood but my love is truly unconditional and in my heart i know we really are sisters. You are forever the most amazing human in my eyes, i miss you ladybug and can't wait till your home xx (anon because i couldn't be bothered signing in, love you)

Obviously this is a bit late but very sweet. Love and miss you little one xx